Ransomware and cyber extortion attacks are rampant these days. Being able to quickly access and respond to an incident, engage with the threat actors, and the acquire the necessary Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies to pay off a ransom are extremely challenging for most companies. CyberHive Security partners handle all phases of emergencies and help organizations prepare before a threat is imminent with ransomware resources, exercises and workshops. Educating your legal, finance, security and IT departments on such attacks prepare all the right stakeholders during such an event so they know what to do and which signatures and approvals are necessary for resolution.

“It’ll never happen to us…” Business leaders might believe there are larger organizations in their industry that would be better candidates for cyber-attacks. Nothing could be further from the truth – the reality is that many attackers search for companies that appear to be the weakest link, which often are small businesses with little or no security staff. Our threat intelligence resources offer the staffing and expertise to adopt the proper controls (HIDS, SIEM and log aggregation, asset inventory and vulnerability assessment tools and threat intelligence) to combat these threats, leveling the playing field against attackers.

Virtual CISO – take control of information security with our experienced security leaders available to develop and implement a security program that guards sensitive information, strengthens consumer confidence, and protects customer data. Delivers a tailored information security program with expert security leadership and a supporting team of analysts and consultants to solve unique cybersecurity challenges.